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2 in 1 TRP Either or Ring/Pendant or Display message on Hands

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With TRP, You can easily display a positive message on your fingers, for example LOVE, ARMY, KING etc ... I Found 149165 4-letter words, all you need is, order the 4 letters and sizes needed and love is in the air (Just look below in photos) . Just use your imagination!!! Or simply use the first Initial in your name and wear it around your neck as a Charm Pendant Necklace or Charm Ring or Charm Knuckle Ring or Dangling Earrings, Charm Bracelet or Charm Anklet ! It's as simple as that. Nothing on this planet like this Jewelry Sensation. We ship the same day if possible! Comes with free chain! Just order the accessories you want. Free Shipping! GREAT GIFT IDEA ! Like no other on Earth! Over 100 items in our 2020 Collection, 6G Jewelry I call,,, jejeje WAY past 5G Cellular network, jajaja.

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