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The Ring-Pendant New 2020 Collection

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TRP is a NEW Multi Purpose Transforming Interchangeable Dual Sided  "6 in 1 Magic Charm" Jewelry Design Concept. Comes with free chain! Please view image below so you can get a quick idea of the awesome idea! This Innovation is Beyond anybody's Imagination, now you can use TRP as a Dangling Charm Rings or Charm Bracelet or Charm Anklet or Charm Pendant Necklace or Charm earrings or Charm Knuckle Ring (just order smaller size). "Wear it where you like" You choose where your in the mood to use TRP. It's as simple as that. Over 100 items to choose from.

The Ring Pendant (TRP) Charm Necklace she is wearing in the photos below, also converts (changes) into Ring or Earrings or Anklet or Bracelet or Knuckle Ring ! Comes with free chain! Just order the accessories you want. Free Shipping.GREAT GIFT IDEA ! Like no other on Earth!

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