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TRP is a NEW Multi Purpose Transforming Interchangeable Dual Sided  "6 in 1 Magic Charm"Jewelry Design Concept. Comes with free chain! Please view image below so you can get a quick idea of the awesome idea!

 In Love Red Heart below, it can be EASILY Switched (changes in 6 different positions and more plus reversible) & transforms into a In Love Red Heart Charm Pendant Necklace or In Love Red Charm Ring or In Love Red Dangling Earrings or In Love Red Charm Bracelet or In In Love Red Charm Anklet or In Love Red Charm Knuckle Ring, the last 3 when using our Accessories! Comes with free Sterling Silver chain! Briefly said, this invention is designed to do many things so People look more Attractive, Smarter & a Trendsetter with just this MAGIC CHARM. Free Shipping! GREAT GIFT IDEA ! Like no other on Earth! Over 100 CHARMS to choose in our 2022 Collection.                         

 Reversible  You Pick   or   or  or  or  or   very simple you choose.


Welcome, I personally would like to thank you for visiting our TRP Website. I express, and ask if you all to think a little different for a moment. Just like I did to come up with this superb and unheard of idea, innovation & CONCEPT ( 6 in 1). Truly inspired by my mind and soul, so it maybe do the same for ALL of you too. So WE can think MORE POSITIVE, PEACEFUL and SMARTER in our excellent lives. "Imagine" a better World for our future generation. So you may also understand where I'm coming from and then ENJOY the CONCEPT of my product TO MAKE YOU HAPPY! I can faithfully say that. And yes there is story behind my new innovation, which I will share soon.

We live in a very fast pace modern incredible World that is constantly changing, with needs. I believe my jewelry can help and assist my customers to create in there Wardrobe a quick change or need to accent there appearance when or where needed without having a wide collection of expensive jewelry. 

Please allow me to encourage you to consider this Jewelry Product for a great rare Gift Idea, that a few have. For that special someone who will enjoy wearing and interchanging The Ring Pendant (TRP) to their choosing and by creating Positive change while using our innovation.

We must say, we can not be happier to introduce to you and to the World The Ring Pendant. TRP is our New Website with our New Patented Mechanism Invention and Jewelry Innovation Concept that will revolutionize the jewelry industry. I hope ! TRP is a 6 and 1 well designed, and very durable (so it can last a lifetime) Jewelry Piece that can easily be worn as a Charm Ring, Dangling Earrings, Charm Bracelet, Charm Anklet, Charm Pendant Necklace & Charm Knuckle Ring (just buy smaller size) which is very easy to Interchange and switch to your desire. It's as simple as that! If your looking for something different, this would be a great Jewelry piece to add to your wardrobe or unique item to give that special person on any occasion. You will be shocked to see how TRP has a personality of its own and how it draws attention easily which will attract peoples curiosity, take my word for it, you'll see. People will think you have several Jewelry pieces and would never think that Jewelry Piece can do all that. It's ok to show off a different, cool and extraordinary invention only a very few ever seen before. I will lastly say, this Product is not found in any Jewelry Stores or in the whole entire internet and for that matter the World. It's truly a ONE OF A KIND.

Once more, The Ring Pendant Charm Ring she is wearing in photos below converts (changes in 6 & more different positions plus Reversible) example, Charm Pendant Necklace or Dangling Earrings or Charm Ring or Charm Anklet or Charm Bracelet or Charm Knuckle Ring! 

 We recently realized the 2 in1 Initial Letter Collection can create words on your hand ver simply just order the letters you want to spell.