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The Ring Pendant

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Introducing The Ring Pendant 6 in 1 NEW 2020 Accessories, you choose where you would like to wear TRP. Order The Wire Hoop to wear as Earnings, or also order to wear it as a Bracelet or Anklet. If you need to replace a lost or damaged chain you also can replace it here. This Innovation is Beyond anybody's Imagination, now you can use TRP as a Earrings, Bracelet, Anklet, Necklace Charm, Ring, Knuckle Ring (just order smaller size). You choose where your in the mood to wear TRP or where you need to accent body. It's as simple as that.


I haven't always said this, but I finally learned, The Best things in life are free and dreaming cost $0. Our belief is that our NEW creation can be the next household brand name and hopefully, the #1 suggested gift of 2020. TRP = The Ring Pendant is the newest fine jewelry Sensation innovation made & inspired specially for you, our esteemed modern new age customer. Amazing to imagine, one piece of Jewelry that can be worn in 6 positions reversible & more! One day, you can wear it as a charm ring on your finger, and the next day a charm pendant necklace around your neck, also earrings, bracelet, anklet, knuckle ring!  TRP is ready to launch its collection worldwide for this holiday season, I personally suggest you give my product a try.